Mamba Sandboarding Project in South Africa

Por Martin SandSnow

When did you start the sandboarding project?

We started the Club in February 2014. (My family have been involved with Sandboarding since 1995, my dad was riding the dunes in Namibia in 1973!).


Who is working the project with you?

Myself and my brother do most of the work. (Some help from friends and parents of the kids.) brohter-1

Do you have a sport club?

No we have not yet formed an official club but we are working on it.


How many children do you have in your club or project?

We have between 20 to 30 kids involved but we only take out ten at a time,once a week, as we have to transport them in our own vehicle mamba-2

Do you have support ?

No, we don’t have any sponsors or support.

How is going the commercial part for the tourism?

The commercial part is getting better all the time. The dunes are close (50km) from Cape Town so we have a big market. We just need to focus more on our marketing. Winter now is a bit slow because of the cold and rainy weather so we spent more time making boards ready for the summer season. derek-2

Are you interesting to do a events in your location for children?

Yes we would love to organize a competition. We are planning to hold one just after winter, maybe September. We have small local competitions for the club kids but would like to expose them to more riders so they can see where the possibilities are. It also motivates them to work on their own skills.


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