Young Sand Rider in the Snow – Learning Program

By InterSands

Learning Program for the Next Generations

Jhonny Ecos Manzanilla (16 years old), who is part of our Youth Learning Program – YLP for 04 years is in Switzerland to learn about snow culture in and out of the mountains with snowboarders, skiers and people involved in winter sports. Jhonny will also get to know the daily life of many people in this hemisphere.

Johnny en Damuels – Austria with local riders who have already been in events in the sand.

At the beginning, Jhonny was received in Switzerland by Martin Guerra (Peru – Project Manager) and Daniel Vonach (Austria – professional Snowboarder and Sandboarder), but thanks to the support of members and friends related to InterSands events and projects taking place in the arena, Jhonny will also share pleasant moments with Vito Semedo (Cape Verde), Laurent Bernhard (Switzerland), Cedric Giraudeau (France), Nikola Gayer (Germany).

“To create a global awareness of the problems and opportunities we have in the world, we must make known to future generations the reality of what they like best so that they feel motivated to improve it. – Martin Guerra H.”

One of the unexpected surprises, both for Martin and for Jhonny, was a snowboarding session with one of the greatest exponents of freeride Xavier de la Rue in one of the most famous snow centers in the world, “LAXX”; an incredible day for them thanks to Swatch.

Jhonny doing a feedback of the last 04 years that is part of the YLP program.

In this period of the Youth Learning Program, Jhonny has many adventures and the responsibility to assimilate everything he can so that this opportunity to experience snow culture can also be passed on to future generations in his origin country (Peru), with the same social project which he is part of today he is one of the instructors of other children and teenagers between the ages of 09 to 14 years.

Jhonny with one of the Freeride icons Xavier de la Rue.


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