Did you know that the World Snow Day celebration is not only celebrated in the snow?

In 2014 the celebration of World Snow Day was celebrated in South America with a very curious detail, the season in which this day is celebrated, in South America summer predominates, but that was not an obstacle for the FIS to accept a very creative proposal to celebrate it in the sand dunes with the practice of sandboarding and sandskiing; It was Peru that took this initiative through Sandboarding Peru and the Peruvian Club of Sandboarding and Snowboarding- SANDSNOW with the support and management of InterSands (Switzerland) and coordination with national entities such as the Peruvian Olympic Committee, this event was held.

Later years, InterSands together with Sandboarding Peru , promoted the celebration in Peru and since 2017 more cities in Peru and other countries such as Brazil have been joining. 

The next celebration of World Snow Day in South America, the participation of Chile, Brazil and once again Peru is expected.


The ninth edition of World Snow Day took place on January 19, 2020 with more than 100,000 participants exploring, enjoying and experiencing snow at 359 events in 45 countries. Event organizers included ski and snowboard resorts, national ski associations, private event companies, ski and snowboard clubs, ski and snowboard schools, manufacturers and retailers.

The 2020 edition of World Snow Day also saw the introduction of new partners and the continuity of existing partnerships. New Partners Dinoski joined forces with Atomic Skis and focused on motivating World Snow Day fans to get off their computers and head out into the snow. These actions were united once again with the support of the media from Infront Sports and Media, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Eurosport, which promoted the event to the general public in the world.

All in all, World Snow Day 2020 followed the traditions of the past and brought together the entire snow sports community to bring a new generation to snow sports.

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