Webinar: FIS World Snow Day and FIS Snowkidz | Latin America

Whilst a key role of FIS is to organise a structure of international competitions through to the highest levels, it is also committed to the global promotion and development of recreational skiing and snowboarding.

Future generations are the ones who will lead the development and it is important to raise awareness about the care of the environment and its surroundings for the practice of outdoor sports such as snowboarding and skiing.

How was this initiative born?

This initiative dates back to 2013 when Martin Guerra (InterSands) and Andrew Cholinski (FIS) met in Zurich – Switzerland, in order to specify the possibility of celebrating World Snow Day in South America and later integrate Snowkidz activities, which resulted in It, has been positive and this is demonstrated by the number of events that are being added each year in Latin America.


As InterSands was providing information to people from different countries, some were able to insert their activities on the world map of the celebration of World Snow Day and Snowkidz since 2016, as Peru has been doing consecutively in 2014 and Brazil since 2016 However, there was interest from other countries such as Chile, Argentina and Mexico to carry out activities.

What questions will this WEBINAR solve?

  • What is World Snow Day and Snowkidz?
  • How to enter a register for these activities
  • What is the difference between the World Snow Day and Snowkidz register?
  • Who can be part of these activities
  • Ideas for activities to do
  • Benefits that these events bring for development
  • Benefits and tools that these programs can provide you
  • Event report
  • Awards 


24th October 2020 | 16:00 hrs (Suiza)

Latinoamerica Time:
07:00 am (Mexicali)
09:00 am (Lima)
11:00 am (Iquique)
11:00 am (Fortaleza)


El registro finaliza el 22 de Octubre a las 19:00 hrs (Suiza)