Vitor Semedo, current world champion (SBX) of the InterSands World Cup 2019 joins to support social project in Peru


The COVID19 pandemic has affected many industries worldwide and one of the most affected has been tourism.

Sandboarding Peru is one of the main sponsors and collaborators of InterSands; Thanks to its contribution and management in Peru, it has been possible to hold the last two Sandboard World Cups in this South American country.

In addition to its contribution to sport and development in the industry, Sandboarding Peru for a decade has been carrying out social activities with children and adolescents from the city of Ica, however, last May, due to the COVID19 pandemic, Sandboarding Peru announced the pause of its commercial activities that operates its SandSnow School division until the beginning of 2021 with the possibility that it extends until May 2021.

At the same time, Sandboarding Peru announced that they will continue with their social activities towards children and adolescents in order to continue promoting sport as a tool for inclusion and development . The social project, in addition to providing sports access to local children accompanied by educational sessions offers the opportunity to create a job occupation for the instructors in charge, since currently the company does not have income resources but still covers fixed costs, among them, the instructor fee grant.

Sandboarding Peru unveiled the initiative called “Project Six” for this stage COVID19, a name that mentions its tourism business until the beginning of 2021, which has been disseminated by its allies and InterSands also joins its support to continue with this sustainability task.


In 2019 Vitor Semedo made a donation to make possible the arrival of Jhonny Ecos (17-year-old young Peruvian talent) to Europe so that he can participate in the SandSpirit that would be held in Germany in July (event canceled due to COVID).

In a last communication with the current world sandboard champion, he was made aware of the situation in Peru and did not hesitate to accept the proposal to allocate his donation to Project Six that Sandboarding Peru runs.

His donation makes it possible to subsidize social activities in Peru to provide free classes to 12 children for a month, giving 03 of the instructors who are part of the project a partial job opportunity, including Jhonny Ecos, his brother Jhair Donayre and Sergio Benavides.

InterSands appreciates his unconditional support for development and commitment to improve the evolving conditions of sandboarding and sandskiing globally as an athlete on and off the slopes. In the same way we would like to extend our congratulations to him and his wife, for the good news that they will soon be father and mother.

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If you want more information about the project being carried out in Peru through Sandboarding Peru, visit or you can also make a donation using the following button:



A fun 45 minute Swiss Reality Show, where Sandboarding Peru shows the social project which is a very important part of our work with sport and society.


A reality in society, behind the exciting of sports.

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