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By InterSands
David Hürzeler

David Hürzeler • Project Manager Freestyle Events


Source: Audi Snowboard Serie

In mid-November, the Audi Snowboard Series season was launched with the freestyle event on the Glacier 3000. The wait for the next event is the night of the giant Slalom at Flumserberg. That’s why we felt the impulse of the people involved and took a look at the 2018/19 season in four episodes:

In this opportunity InterSands transmits the episode Nr 2 with the interview that was made to David Hürzeler, Project Freestyle Events.

The number of participants increased by 28% compared to last year with 2,572 participants. How can you explain this positive momentum?

David Hürzeler: There are several reasons.

  • First, regional snowboard teams are getting better organized and bring new kids to the competitions every year.
  • Secondly, the Audi Snowboard Series has existed since 2010 and has made a name for itself in its country (Switzerland) and abroad.
  • And thirdly, thanks to last season’s good winter, we only had to cancel a few days of competition. But the growing number of participants is a fact and is a good sign, on the one hand for the product Audi Snowboard Series, on the other hand, especially for the sport of snowboarding.

With several successes and podiums in the World Cup and Nevin Galmarini’s gold medal, interest in the sport has increased again and this in all disciplines. Audi Snowboard Series and you did notice anything of this growing interest?

Yes, I think that successes like Nevin‘s 2018 Olympic Gold medal or even four years before Iouri Podladtchikov have a big impact on the whole youth movement. I was especially pleased that both Nevin and Iouri returned to the Audi Snowboard Series shortly after their Olympic victories, sharing their gold medals with all the excited children.

The Audi Snowboard Series is not only popular with Swiss athletes, but also with teams in Europe. How can you explain that?

The logo of the Audi Snowboard series is like a seal of quality: foreign drivers know what to expect. Here you will find excellent infrastructure, smooth organisation, operational safety precautions and rescue procedures, as well as valuable prizes from our sponsors and Snowboard Connection (association of snowboard industry brands in Switzerland).

As a project leader, you have to deal with all the protagnists of the events. What are the central tasks of the tour and what are the biggest challenges for you?

I am in constant contact with participants, parents, coaches, stations, sponsors, partners and the media. The focus is always on people. My main task is, above all, to combine all the requirements and demands of the above mentioned people in the best possible way, together with my well-trained and experienced team. Like a diplomat, but all with the same goal: the promotion of young snowboarders.

If you had to describe the Audi Snowboard Series in three words, what would they be?
Trampoline, Platform, Benchmark.

Christmas is approaching and you have a wish for the Audi Snowboard Series 2018/19. What would you like?
I wish all participants positive, satisfying and injury free experiences in the context of our tour.

What highlights await us?

Many! Without a doubt, the Swiss championships in all disciplines are always the highlight. And don’t miss the night finals at the Big Air and the halfpipe at the Bolgen in Davos. As highlights, you can also expect the first Snake Run of our tour, as well as the pre-YOG event (Youth Olympic Games) in Leysin.

You mentioned the pre-YOG event in Leysin. What are the tasks of the Audi Snowboard Series in this process?

Here we transfer the know-how and build the Leysin station with people from the region in a sustainable way as event partners. Already last season we had the first event as part of our tour in Leysin, now in January 2019 is the main rehearsal of the games “Lausanne 2020” in the program. Swiss-Ski trained all people in key functions of the local CO in courses and events, and continue to gain experience in our events in the coming season. In reverse, of course, we rejoice in this energetic and competent support. In the meantime, this Leysin team is a well-trained team, with respect to that, we should not worry about 2020 at all.

What do you want to conclude for the participants of the Audi Snowboard Series 2018/19?

The Audi Snowboard Series is your stage. Come here, use it and have fun!


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