The Sandboard World Cup 2019 ended in Peru

Last June 03 to 08, the Sandboard World Cup was held in Peru (Sandboard World Cup), showing a great level and contribution to the development of this sport in the dunes thanks to the participation of more than 10 countries that hosted to more than 60 athletes.

The event was a great success despite the challenge that our organization set out to perform in two locations (Huacachina and Paracas, about 60 km away from each other); but thanks to our great team and the work coordinated with the local authorities and the private company, this was possible.

We congratulate the current 2019 world champions, Vitor Semedo – Cape Verde (boardercross), Daniel Vonach – Austria (Big Jump Expression and Slopestyle ) and Luca Flachenecker – Germany (Parallel Slalom). In the same way congratulate Sub-champions Deybis Jhair Donayre Ecos – Peru (Boardercross), Ezra “Tikinho” Luiz Santos – Brazil (Big Jump Expression), Aldahir Herhuay Huayhua – Peru (Slopestyle ), Vitor Semedo – Cape Verde (Slalom Parallel).

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