On May 04, 2020, another great step was taken for the development and evolution of sandboarding with the new E-Learning InterSands platform where the opportunity is offered to people immersed in sandboarding and sandskiing to access courses aimed exclusively at the sand community and for those who want to integrate from other countries to learn more about this development of snowboarding or skiing on the dunes.

The platform was activated with the Instructors Course thanks to the collaboration agreement that INTERSANDS is making in different countries where many organizations, institutions, NGO’s or companies pursue the same common objectives, one of them education.

In this opportunity INTERSANDS integrates its course for Instructors thanks to the agreement with the Peruvian company DESERT EXPEDITIONS which is led by a sandboarding and snowboarding athlete (Aldo Saavedra), who is the coach of the course.

There are 21 participants from different Latin American countries such as Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Peru and there has even been interest from Europe to participate in this course and we already have Portugal and Germany for the next start which will be on May 18.

En el siguiente video, Martin Guerra les presenta la plataforma:

Si deseas más información del curso para instructores visita el siguiente link: