Surfing in The Swiss Alps

By Martin SandSnow

Surfing the waves in the middle of the Swiss Alps

Martin Guerra was invited to a great experience in the Swiss Alps and this adventure was not going to be alone, he was accompanied by Vitor Semedo (current InterSands Sandboard World Cup SBX champion) both had the opportunity to receive an invitation to surf the waves of Alaïa Bay prior to its official opening in May.

It was something I did not imagine because I tried to buy a ticket for the spring season but they were already sold out.

– Vitor Semedo –

For them, the experience was unique and incredible, Martín was very motivated to be part of the Alaïa Bay project for adventure sports enthusiasts and on the part of Vitor Semedo it was something that he did not imagine because he tried to buy a ticket for the spring season but they were already sold out.

Alaia Bay

Martin tells us: The staff who received us were very friendly, we took a tour of the Alaïa Bay facilities and then they introduced us to our coach / instructor Gabriel (from Portugal, a lover of surfing).

In Alaïa Bay you can surf from the Beginner Waves to the Barrel Waves for experts and professionals.

1. Beginner
2. Waikiki
3. Malibu
4. Advanced
5. Expert
6. Pro
7. Beast (barrels)

I think everyone was more worried about the cold (hahaha), because it is still winter in Switzerland and the temperature outside the water was 4º degrees and inside the water was 9º degrees but Alaia Bay has good sports clothing that isolates the outside temperature much more, but definitely, in summer, this will not be necessary because the temperature in Switzerland can reach up to 35º degrees.

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What connects InterSands riders with these types of activities?

Those who have had the opportunity to attend this pre-opening session are closely related to the mountains and outdoor sports such as snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding and others.

InterSands is an organization that promotes the development of sport for future generations through snowboarding and skiing in the dunes and this unites us a lot to this environment where much is learned at the organizational level.


As a sports developer and project manager, I see a great future for a very competitve Swiss surf team in three to five years thanks to this infrastructure in Switzerland.

– Martin “SandSnow” Guerra –

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