Snowboarding boots system prohibed for sand | InterSands Regulation

By InterSands

International Sandboarding and Sandskiing Association, prohibits the use of snowboarding boots for sand with the wire system and adjustment, for one important reason: Safety in case of emergency to evacuate the athlete (the system is disabled when sand enters).

When the boots with that system appeared in the sand to practice sandboarding, the people who used it always had the difficulty to deactivate the system when they wanted to take off the boot, this because the sand entered the hole and locked the system.

“I had the experience of attending some cases not only in the sand, but also in the snow, but the biggest frustration was when an athlete was injured in the last event in Peru using that boot system and it was very difficult to remove the boot On the road, even in the hospital itself. ” – Martin Guerra H.

As the sport evolves and develops, there will surely be the interest of the manufacturers of snowboard boots, to manufacture boots exclusively for the sand.

INTERSANDS, will admit only the boots with pins in their events.

Damaris (Brazil), receiving his new boots of Daniel (Austria), this donation was thanks to Alton Premium Board Shop.NeoVac donates radios for our events and activities of our organization.