From July 07 to 10, the emblematic event of the city of Hirschau-Germany, SANDSPIRIT, will be held, its location is the Monte Kaolino vacation center, a place with an artificial dune with more than 50 years of history, where the first skiers tested their skis to glide over this mountain of sand after the winter season.

In 2020 the event had to be canceled due to the pandemic and in 2021 only local riders had the opportunity to meet under strict health measures and protocols due to covid-19.

We hope that the good emotions continue to enjoy pleasant moments in this event with snowboarding lovers being a very good reason to get together and keep sliding on their boards.

The event has been cataloged as the Open European Sandboard Championship (as planned for 2020) and it is expected to have the presence of athletes from Latin America, who as part of their dream is to get to know this mountain of sand and exchange experiences with the sand and snow riders.

InterSands has been supporting this event for a few years and thanks to the presence of Martin “SandSnow” Guerra , it has been possible to start building a bridge between Latin America and Europe to develop sandboarding together with snowboarding.

The objective of InterSands is to promote the development of snowboarding and skiing in countries and regions where there is no snow, generating opportunities for children and young people; the realization of this event opens a door to athletes from Latin America and the event will mark an important stage for the development in the life of sand athletes as well as for sandboarding and snowboarding.

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