Sandboard World Cup 2019 | The management

By InterSands

A lot is missing, but we are already taking big steps for development.

An edition for the history of the development of sport in the arena for future generations

The Sandboard World Cup took place from June 3 to 08 in Peru, having for the first time two different locations, Huacachina (310 km south of Lima) and Paracas (250 km south of Lima).


Martín Guerra who directs the future projects for the development of sandboarding and sandskiing along with his team, proposed this “logistical” challenge with the aim of making known not only the great potential of Huacachina but also other spots with a great potential for the development of sport together with tourism and self-sustainability.

The logistics and budget was the main challenge to make the event during 06 days (04 in Huacachina and 02 in Paracas) therefore there should be a coordination work with your team for the arrival of riders and have the adequate infrastructure in each location both in the dune and in hotel facilities and restaurants.


On the other hand, Suzie Mandier (France-Secretary InterSands) was directly responsible for organizing all the reception of the riders and the coordination with the hotels and restaurants so that the athletes had the welcome at each location.

On the other hand, Franziska Mattle (Switzerland-Coordinator of International Events), once fulfilled the administrative function of the entire record of riders as the technical planning together with the jury of the event.

Augusto Vera Rebollar (Responsible for the Logistics Team), one of the main functions for the success of this event, who along with an assigned team executed many functions inside and outside the tracks, a very main one and in which the work was demonstrated as a team, it was during the culmination of the event in Huacachina that it took 30 minutes to uninstall everything and the south dune can look clean, as if nothing had happened during the last days

Martim Amaral (Brazil – Technical Delegate) was responsible for track for the proper departure of each rider in each of the modalities.

Martín Guerra (Peru-President InterSands) coordinated the decision-making together with his team as well as the necessary steps of support from both the authorities and the private sector so that everything would be very successful throughout the process.

Private Equipment

Evacuation | Audio / Visual | Streamlive | Photography | Technical area
Another important factor was the external services hired for different important functions in the realization of SWC 2019.

Risks prevention

Was in charge of Luis Salcedo and Cesar of the company Resource and Safety SAC (Ica-Peru), who reacted to each emergency respondent that can be presented during the realization of the event.


From Austria, the filmmaker Thomas Stango specialized in video productions in the snow and landscapes, was in charge of the audio / visual elaboration.


A team led by Jose Gomez who specializes in the live broadcasting of sporting events, a chance to improve and expand the promotion of sports in the dunes.

In the same way, thanks to the work together with InterSands, it was possible to test the chip-personal technology for each rider for the first time in this terrain and it was used in the boardercross modality.


This work was thanks to Grecia Espinoza, specialist in sports photography.

Technical area

Martín Rosas (Easy Management SAC) was an important piece so that the Internet signal arrives fluidly in the dunes and in this way you can count on Internet in a place where the signal is often deficient.


The support and support of the Provincial Municipality of Ica under the management of Mrs. Emma Mejia Venegas was total, also from the Regional Government of Ica. All this support was once again added to the Embassy of Switzerland through its Swiss Cultural Fund, who have been supporting and supporting our activities and especially this type of events for the past 05 years.


We greatly appreciate the great support provided by Desert Nights Group through its facilities Desert Nights, Wild Olive House and Ecocamp, who not only support us for this global event, but also for different activities over the past 05 years with Sandboarding Peru (affiliate InterSands).

Ruben Camargo and Yiyo Torres, buggy driver who lent their support for the transfer of riders from the base to the top of the dune.

Adrenarena (Paracas), an eco-sustainable concession where the Slalom modality was performed and where its manager Mario Vera gave us all the facilities that were within his reach for the event to be a great success in this location.

Kokopelli Hostel, who offered us their hotel facilities in Paracas to receive all the riders in Paracas and in the same way to hold the grand ceremony of the event with a great closing party.