Sandboard Spain

By InterSands

1st Exploration of the coastal dunes of Spain, route Barcelona - Tarifa.

Sandboard Spain is an initiative of David Sanchez (native of Barcelona), a lover of nature and  animals, which is why he has Alfi and Estela as inseparable friends, two dogs that accompany him everywhere and the Barcelona – Tarifa Route does not It will be the exception for your adorable friends.

The Sandboard Spain project has the following objectives:

  • Promote sandboarding in Spain.
  • Promote outdoor activities.
  • Preserve the dunes with sustainable projects for the environment.
  • Form a sandboarding federation in Spain

David directs this project thanks to partners such as Rio Snowboards (Snowboard Manufacturers) who will begin to build sandboards (made in Spain) to test them in the dunes and at the same time promote the industry of this sport in Spain.

David also has the support of professional colleagues in snowboarding instruction who are enthusiastic about the project since their passion is to slide on a board and teach the sport to others. Here the adventure begins for them, since like any profession, the important thing is to add hours in the field in which they are going to dedicate themselves, in this case, spend hours sliding down the dunes.

For more information contact:

David Sanchez
+34 666 64 56 71
projectsandboardspain@gmail. com