“Proyecto Seis” was activated in Ica and will be extended to other cities in Peru.

Project Incubation

After almost two months of being activated in Peru together with Sandboarding Peru the “Proyecto Seis”, the instructors, children and families are happy for the social and human support that is being provided in this difficult stage due to the pandemic of COVID19.

The city of Ica located 310 km from the city of Lima (capital of Peru) has been the incubator to measure the processes, protocols and management that must be carried out by the monitors / instructors who are leading this project, young people who were trained in Sandboarding Peru, thanks to the project called “La Escuelita SandSnow”, they are currently recruiting new children who are forming the third generation thanks to the support and management that InterSands has been carrying out from Europe to support this type of promotion, inclusion and development initiatives.

Lima and Paracas will also benefit

Thanks to InterSands, the “Proyecto Seis” has been turning into a format that could benefit other cities where sport is promoted in the extensive dunes that Peru has on its coast.

InterSands has come into contact with people who carry out activities for the benefit of future generations through sandboarding and sandskiing in order to be able to learn about their concerns and needs in this difficult stage. Lima and Paracas are two of the cities where InterSands, together with Sandboarding Peru, will be able to activate this aid with the hope that it will serve as a part of motivation for the project managers of these cities to continue their great social work through the sport.



Likewise, the activities to be carried out with “Proyecto Seis” have been scheduled as part of the activities promoted by the FIS – International Ski Federation with its Snowkidz | Bring Childran to the Snow.