Press Release World Snow Day 2022

By InterSands


Oberhofen, 12th January 2022


On the 16 th January 2022, the 11 th edition of World Snow Day will take place.

As in 2021, World Snow Day events will be subject to COVID-19 restrictions. In light of this Organisers have been instructed “If in doubt, wait it out.”

Despite the uncertainty, 148 events and actions have been scheduled for this edition. The events are spread over 42 countries which is in-line with non-Covid times. “The dedication ofWorld Snow Day Orgainsers is really humbling. Despite all the challenges there is a clear commitment to ensuring the next generation are introduced to snow sports.” said FIS Secretary General Michel Vion.

Many World Snow Day events will be offering discounted or free lift passes, discounted or free lessons and in some cases free access to equipment. Such actions have been coupled with fun activities, including live entertainment and warm food and beverage.

As well as the events, World Snow Day will introduce new tools that are vital for the future of snow sports. Thanks to a new cooperation with Special Olympics, World Snow Day 2022 will see the first year of the Special Olympics 10. The Special Olympics 10 is a set of steps all snow sports stakeholders should follow when working with a person with an intellectual disability.

Working in parallel with the Special Olympics 10, will be the Mountain 10. The Mountain 10 was developed in conjunction with the United Nations, International Olympic Committee and 10 other sports federations who conduct their activities in the mountains. The ten steps are the basis for any activities in the mountains whether it be from guests visiting, residents or companies operating in alpine regions.

Finally, thanks to partners Atomic Skis #atomicsnowday will return. The public competition will see two sets of family skis given away, one cross-country set and one alpine set.

The 2022 edition of World Snow Day is set. FIS invites all snow sports stakeholders, families and kids to celebrate the day. Further announcements about the results of the event will be published on

For more information contact:

Andrew Cholinski
Coordinator Bring Children to the Snow
+41 (0) 33 244 6161

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FIS is the governing body for international skiing and snowboarding, founded in 1924 during the first Olympic Games in Chamonix, France. Recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FIS manages the Olympic disciplines of Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding, including setting the international competition rules. Through its 128 member nations, more than ’500 FIS ski and snowboard competitions are staged annually. Specific initiatives are undertaken by FIS
to promote snow activities as a healthy leisure recreation, notably for the young.

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