Year-end 2020 initiative

Being the objective of InterSands, to promote snowboarding and skiing activities in the dunes, as well as outdoor activities. We see the need to promote one last event to encourage the community to expose their potential and their locality as riders with the initiative of the OPEN SAND JUMP event.

What is the event about?

It is a virtual event to introduce the most active riders in the community and map their locations where they carry out their activities in the dunes.

Is it a competition?

You could say yes, but the format is virtual and we want to archive the effort that the rider uses to perform the sport in the dunes.

What is the format of the event like?

As mentioned above, it is virtual and will be as follows:

• Build your ramp
• Film your jump
• Post your jump
• Tag @intersands #sandjump
• Share your jump
• Age of participants is open
• Maximum video of 03 minutes
• Send your video to

What are the main terms of participation?

  • Register until December 11
  • Upload your video until December 21
    The complete video may have an edit but the jump must be visual in a single sequence.
  • Have the rights to the filmed video.
  • The maneuver has to be on sand.
  • Mention your full name and date of the jump performed (if you do the jump on different dates, mention each one).

What are the criteria for scoring?

Execution, Amplitude, Difficulty, Variety

Who will evaluate the videos?

  • Professional judge from Switzerland.
  • Rider professional sandsnow.
  • Specialist in sandboard and snowboard events.
  • In case a filmmaker / editor will be necessary to control the editing of the videos.

What are the prizes?

InterSands reacts to this situation to promote this event initiative in the arena at the end of 2020.

Symbolic awards are being considered according to the country where the rider comes from.

Thanks to our allies in some of the countries where the sport is practiced in the dunes or the snow mountains, we are in the security and commitment that we will manage a prize for the winners.

The prize will not be in cash but it will be able to take effect of your prize according to the terms that our allies and / or sponsors give us.

Can I sponsor this event?

If you have a sponsorship proposal with your company and / or brand, send an email to: