InterSands Meeting 2020 Switzerland

By InterSands

On Saturday, October 3, the InterSands Meeting 2020 was held at Valis-Switzerland.

The purpose of the meeting was to convey the beginnings of the creation of InterSands as a Swiss association and its goals that have been carried out to date, as well as publicize the actions that are currently being worked on and future projects.

We want to thank the presence of: Elise D’Haenens(Ardon), Ema Rizo-Patron (Grimentz), Laurent Bernhard (Grimentz), Luca Brienz (Lucerna), David Huerzeler (Crans-Montana), Olivier Schuttel (Ardon), Franz Zurbrügg (Berna) , Marco Schwarz (Basel), Martin Guerra (Sankt Gallen), Vitor Semedo (Bernex).

The event took place at the Alaïa Chalet sports center in Canto de Valis-Suiza where after the meeting those present enjoyed a pleasant afternoon at the facilities.

InterSands Main Objectives

  • InterSands seeks the development of snowboarding and skiing in countries and / or regions where there are no mountains of snow but there is a geographic potential for sandboarding and sandskiing.
  • InterSands generates social inclusion and development opportunities for children and adolescents through sports, providing them with better tools for their personal and professional development.
  • Intersands seeks articulated work with institutions, organizations, associations and / or companies that have common goals.