FIS and Intersands Join Forces for the Kids

By InterSands

Oberhofen, 10. November 2020


FIS and Intersands Join Forces for the Kids


Since 2013, FIS and a number of sand sports stakeholders have been cooperating for World Snow Day and SnowKidz. Now FIS and sand sport’s international body, Intersands, have officially joined forces under a new partnership.

Founded in 2014, the International Sandboarding and SandSki Association (Intersands) is the international sports organisation representing sandboarding and sandskiing. The aim of the organization is to expand the interest in sand sports and boost interest in winter sports, especially
amongst countries which do not have resorts or natural snowfall. “The goals of Intersands are very much in line with those of Bring Children to the Snow, we would therefore miss a big opportunity if we did not formalize the partnership.” said Andrew Cholinski, FIS Coordinator for Bring Children to the Snow.

Over the last 7 years, a number of events for children have taken place on the sand. These include World Snow Day events throughout Peru and Brazil as well as unique social aid projects; using sport as an important tool to reach children, youth, and their families in difficult situations such as the current
COVID-19 pandemic. “I appreciate the trust of the FIS towards InterSands with this agreement, it generates a lot of strength to build a solid bridge of opportunities for children and young people who love sports on ski, snowboard or simply playing outdoors, a bridge between two different worlds showing that we live only in one” – Martin Guerra Heredia, President of Intersands..

Looking ahead, the partnership will focus on number key areas. These include:

  • Expansion of World Snow Day and SnowKidz events in Latin America
  • Support for new projects which will see children brought from sand sports to snow sports.
  • Education and information to sand sports stakeholders about environmental conservation.
  • Promotion of each other sports to their respective audiences
    The partnership will commence in 2020 and last for a duration of 03 years with the option to continue after this period.

For more information about Intersands click here:
For more information about FIS click here:

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