First-generation of the Sandboarding instruction course in Latin America, completed the methodological stage for their certification.

By InterSands

With the participation of 27 students from Latin America (Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile), likewise, the integration of European athletes from Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, France, interested in this evolutionary initiative; They are learning more about the professionalization of snowboarding in the sand dunes.

The closing webinar was very emotional for some participants, feeling great enthusiasm for being part of this first generation as expressed by Adrian Marquez from Mexico:

“I am happy to be part of this first generation, this course is something that was needed to improve good sports practices in my city and even the thesis of my studies at the university was about sandboarding and the course for instructors has helped me I love this sport very much since I met it. “

The webinar discussed what would come in the “Field Evaluation” stage, which so far is scheduled to take place in Peru


In a training center which is being developed by Sandboarding Peru, Adrenarena Park and the SandSnow Club, where the last Sandboard World Cup (Slalom Mode) was held.

The date established for the field evaluation is still uncertain due to the conditions of the COVID_19 pandemic, but tentatively it could be given in early 2021.

In the case of the other countries, one of the options that will be put into practice is the trip that the person responsible for the field evaluation would make to Chile as a pilot plan, thus carrying out the same evaluation format that would be carried out in Peru.


At the closing webinar, the Sandboard Chile Guild was invited, who have also taken the initiative to offer a course for instructors in their country.

INTERSANDS seeks to unify the different areas of development, whether sports, social and sustainability, for this reason we saw it as important that the members of this guild can transmit their project to those who had already completed the instructor course which is based on the technical manual of instructors snowboarding and that in the same way they would execute it.

Coach in charge Aldo Saavedra

This sandboard instructor course has provided participants with a solid conceptual framework in technical knowledge, riding fundamentals, techniques and methodology for effective teaching as well as tools for movement analysis.

Based on snowboarding education, we are contributing to the training of qualified instructors capable of applying their knowledge and delivering world-class lessons consistently in the dunes of Peru and Latin America.
We faithfully believe that people who learn sandboarding in one region will be able to go to another region with a new instructor and have consistency in the lesson they take in a positive learning experience that promotes the growth of our activity and sport.

Aldo Saavedra Romero
Coach a cargo


Pleased because I know there will be a future in the sport and the bonds of sandboarding with snowboarding in their learning processes, that guarantees that now people not only want to practice it independently, but also, to teach it in a responsible and professional way.

Martin Guerra Heredia
E-Learning Process Manager
InterSands Project Manager


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