The Dunes

The main objective of our organization seeks the preservation of the dune areas of our planet as outdoor recreation areas, creating a unique value for nature itself and the human being who inhabits it, directing the activities that can perform in them, in order to protect them and create awareness of preservation and good use.

Without dunes there will be no sandboarding and sandskiing,
without dunes there is no biodiversity.

  • InterSands recognizes the biodiversity that exists in the dunes and the areas that have already been declared as natural reserves by the authorities as a consequence of the environmental impact that the devastation of these dunes can cause.
  • InterSands will provide relevant information that is necessary on the knowledge acquired and studied by our specialists during their periods of living in the dunes, having a great contribution for the decision making of the activities that can be carried out in them.
  • InterSands promotes free access to the dunes for outdoor recreation activities.
  • InterSands agrees on the restrictions of the massive presence of motorized vehicles. This includes the presence of at least one motorized vehicle should be considered according to the area in km² of the dune habitat that is being specified, as well as the number of vehicles that the park rangers intend to own.
  • InterSands will promote the practice of sandboarding and sandskiing with the policies of preservation that have been disposed in our regulation adding the policies disposed by the local, regional and/or governmental and/or international authorities in certain countries. In this way, a good development environment and ways of preserving the dunes will be sought.
  • InterSands will look for all the professional and educational means to make the human being aware of the importance of preserving the dunes and our environment in general.
  • InterSands will promote the cleaning of dunes that have been irresponsibly affected by third parties, as well as the cultivation of species of dunes specific flora.
  •   InterSands will promote recreational activities and competitive sandboarding and sandskiing shows, with the aim of integrating people into the same habitat, making them aware of the importance of the dunes for our environment and its inhabitants, being the most benefited, future generations, who will find a fun way to preserve them for the future.