Cape Verde | Interview with Vito Semedo

By InterSands

The most important is to preserve the environment, the project is developing the sandboard, as well as bringing children from the sand to the snow.

In 2017 Vito Semedo represented his country Cape Verde in the Sandboard World Cup 2017 obtaining a podium with 3rd place in the boardercross modality.

After his experience in the most competitive sandboarding event that has taken place in recent years, Vito felt more motivated to promote and develop the sport in his country for future generations and the promotion of tourism with this activity.

Currently Vito is one of the athletes who has been a trainer in Europe for our Young Learning Program | SandSnow, being assigned as a delegate of one of the stages for Jhonny (the 16 year old teenager from Peru) who is currently in Europe. Taking advantage of this circumstance, we share this interview about his aspirations with future generations in Cape Verde.

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