Banked Slalom Sand Spirit Style

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at the beginning of June 2020, Sven Flachenecker, Director of the organization of Sand Spirit, announced the cancellation of the competitive modality in this European event where lovers of sand and snow gather to continue enjoying on their snowboards.

However, due to the provisions of the Alerman government, for the month of July there was a light of hope for those who wish to visit Monte Kaolino and the Sand Spirit community can enjoy what characterizes it the most … full fun and a very sharing friendly between riders and their families.

Martin Guerra and Amelie Schaeberle as representatives of InterSands, came to the Mount to enjoy this environment. On the one hand Martin came with his family and Amelie who lives in Munic (two hours from Mount Kaolino), visited this sand mountain for the first time since she did not imagine that something like this existed so close since she had been amazed by sandboarding and sandskiing in Peru.

In the Sand Spirit meeting, the activity was a descent on a track very similar to the Banked Slalom on the snow, where each rider descended and time was timed.

The fun on the Mount and camping area was not lacking, the laughter, meeting new passionate riders and very young children (children of the same riders) who are already making their first descents and some are adding experience for what is coming in 2021 , which will bring high expectations.