Sandboard World Cup 2021

Due to the current situation that has generated uncertainty for the realization of different events, in reference to the Sandboard World Cup - SWC, we are communicating to the sandboarding community.

As snowboarding in the dunes has been gaining strength and development with the realization of this high-performance event, we establish the following:

  • InterSands continue to consider holding 02 modalities per SCW event in the period of every two years.
  • The modalities will be segmented in the following way; “Sandboardcross – Slalom” (which are defined as “F”  modalities) or “Big Jump Expression – Slopestyle” (which are defined as “T” modalities).
  • In the event that the “F” modalities are carried out in 2021, therefore the “T” modalities will be carried out in 2022 or vice versa.


¿Eres un organizdor de eventos o estas interesado en gestionar la realización del Sandboard World Cup en tu país?

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