Ambassador FIS SnowKidz Peru

By InterSands

He is part of the promotion of sand culture and is now getting to know the snow culture in Europe.

Jhonny Ecos, the 16-year-old Peruvian; a sample of the work that is being done with children and adolescents in the sand dunes to promote sport and social inclusion in future generations.

In 2014, INTERSANDS, together with its allies from countries such as Peru, integrated massification and development activities to the SnowKidz platform of the “Bring Children to the Snow” of the International Ski Federation – FIS, which seeks to massify activities in the snow with the practice of skiing and snowboarding.

Through InterSands; Peru added its events to SnowKidz with the purpose of promoting and developing sandboarding and sandskiing with local children of the city of Ica and in the same way transmit the culture of winter sports through these outdoor activities.

Jhonny Ecos who is currently 16 years old, started our development project when he was 12 years old, and has been part of events that were part of the SnowKidz platform. Currently Jhonny is in Switzerland thanks to the Young Learning Program SandSnow of our organization INTERSANDS, in order to know and learn directly the snow culture in countries like Switzerland and Austria where Jhonny has been doing different activities.

Jhonny Ecos has been appointed as FIS SnowKidz Peru ambassador and he hasn’t only participated in the activities in his country, but also in the snow as he is currently doing, even participating in official competitions of the International Ski Federation – FIS.



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