Sandboarder within the top 3 Juniors in the Elite category in Switzerland

By InterSands

Young sand dune athlete, is positioning himself in snow events

Jhonny Ecos (16 years – Peru), who continues doing different activities in Europe and mainly in Switzerland with the Young Learning Program-SandSnow project of our organization InterSands; On March 02, 2019, he was present at the Ski Arena d- Andermatt Sedrun, for the national event of Switzerland, Audi Snowboard Series.

Even though Jhonny Ecos (16 years old) did not feel very well for the flu and the long trip to the mountain, he was able to give his best during every process of the competition, from the track inspection, to the last heat where he played the small final ending up in position 7 of the general ranking.

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His participation in the Elite category, Jhonny was among the best 03 Juniors with Buntschu Leandro (SUI) and Thomas Abegglen (SUI), all of them competing in each race with riders with more experience in the snow.

In the next section of images, although Jhonny (red shirt) starts 4th, it shows how he is trying to gain positions in his career.


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