2014 a new stage of development in regions/countries where snowboarding and skiing are practiced on SAND DUNES!

By InterSands

World Snow Day Snowkidz two programs that can bring you closer to the culture of snow and promote the development of snowboarding and skiing your locality.

It all started in Switzerland!

  • 2013 Martin Guerra (InterSands) proposed to Andrew Cholinski (FIS) in Switzerland, to organize the World Snow Day and perform Snowkidz activities in the dunes of Peru with the practice of snowboarding and skiing in the sand dunes.

  • January 2014 World Snow Day was celebrated in Peru with the objective of InterSands to bring countries of South America without snow closer to the culture of winter sports, but as well show people who practice winter sports how we practice in the dunes with the same equipment and / or do similar recreational activities.

  • 2015 The support of FIS Solidary was requested to carry out the World Snow Day in better conditions. This project was requested through the Peruvian Olympic Committee – COP.

  • 2016 – 2017 Coordination with different cities in Peru and Brazil in order to organize a World Snow Day in all of them.

  • 2018 – 2020 InterSands continues to promote the celebration of World Snow Day. The objective is to continue promoting the massification of snowboarding and skiing through sandboarding and sandskiing for future generations by bringing winter culture to countries where there is no snow.

Un valor agregado para las actividades relacionadas a la cultura de deportes de invierno.

  • Since 2014 Parallel to the inclusion of the World Snow Day celebration, events and activities that promote recreation and outdoor sports such as sandboarding, sandskiing, hiking and sandsledding were scheduled for the Snowkidz program.

  • 2015 SandSnow Peruvian Club received Snowkidz material toolkit from Europe (t-shirts, flags, etc.) which was distributed by Sandboarding Peru to other cities in Peru that also carried out promotional and development activities.

A common mission, a common result

"Take the message from snow to sand and from sand to snow"

After 5 years of work, one of the children traveled for two months to Europe to learn about the culture of snow and, with his experience, transmit it to future generations of his country and to the sand community.

Jhonny, who started at the age of 12 years at Sandboarding Peru thanks to the work carried out by InterSands, had things clear from the beginning “I want to be the best rider in the sand and I like to run in the snow, but I would like other children to have the opportunities that I had too ”.

During this experience, Jhonny also had the privilege of being received by the President of the International Ski Federation, Mr. GianFranco Kasper.