[:en]Snowboarding Boot system prohibed for sand | InterSands Regulation[:es]Sistema de botas de snowboarding prohibido para la arena | Regulación InterSands [:]

[:en]International Sandboarding and Sandskiing Association, prohibits the use of snowboarding boots for sand with the wire system and adjustment, for one important reason: Safety in case of emergency to evacuate the athlete (the system is disabled when sand enters). When the boots with that system appeared in the sand to...

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[:en]NeoVac donates radios for our events and activities of our organization[:es]NeoVac dona radios para eventos y actividades de nuestra organización[:]

[:en]Radios donated by the company NeoVac | Switzerland to use them in the realization of our events and activities of our organization in the sand dunes and mountains. The next June, we use these radios for better communication in the organization of the Sandboard World Cup event to be held...

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[:es]Daniel Vonach | Pro Snowboarder | Austria[:en]Daniel Vonach | Pro Snowboarder Helping to Develop the Sandboarding[:]

Upcoming Summer Daniel will be flying to Peru for the Sandboard World Cup, wich will take place in Huachachina. (03. – 10. June 2017).Daniel Vonach is a 23 year old Snowboarder from Austria, he was born in Bregenz, a city at the Lake of Constance. His local mountain is Bödele,...

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