Switzerland welcomes sand riders to participate in snow events.

By Suzie Mandier

Peru and Cape Verde, from tropical countries representing the community of arena dunes in Europe.

Vitor Semedo (Cape Verde), Cedric Giraudeau (France), Jhonny Ecos (Peru), Martin Guerra (Peru). Picture: Alessia Wehrli

Last weekend (09-10 February 2019), were held in Flumserberg-Switzerland, the events of the OPEN category of the Audi Snowboard Series and GiantX Tour which also hosted the category FIS.

In the OPEN category the sand and snow rider Vitor Semedo (representing Cape Verde – Africa), participated for the first time in a snow event. Vitor who was present on both dates was ranked No. 11 on the Giant X Tour – Switzerland (19 riders in its category), and No. 19 on the Audi Snowboard Series (20 riders in its category).

Vitor Semedo preparing his snowboard with Jhonny.

His enthusiasm was incredible and his motivation to participate in other snow events before his presence in the Sandboard World Cup is very positive; we wish him lots of luck and fun and thank him for the enthusiasm to transmit the culture of sand in snow and vice versa.

The presence of sand and snow riders in the event held in Flumserberg-Switzerland, began with the project we have been carrying out with future generations (InterSands Young Learnin Program), with the participation of the young Peruvian Jhonny Ecos (16 years), who represented his country (Peru) in the FIS category, competing with riders from Austria, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Russia and Switzerland.

The most important thing in this first competition for Jhonny and the team that was with him formed by Cedric Giraudeau (France), Vitor Semedo (Cape Verde), Kevin Trösch (Switzerland) and Martin Guerra (Peru), made their participation become a bit familiar as in the sand dunes, since all the team has been with him in Peru doing sandboarding and are now sharing good moments learning from the culture of winter sports.

Jhonny making a good run to dispute throughout the race his second position with the European riders.

In his first race Jhonny got the 3rd place in his group, this would define his next heat with the best in the ranking, where Jhonny could appreciate his level in the first and second race with these talented riders, which from our point of view was not bad and what we did not want is that he could be injured, but Jhonny took it in a natural way and as a new experience in his career as a sportsman.

There were 02 days of competition in the FIS category and Jhonny finished his last heat again in third place (a total of 05 heat), the Russian ANISIMOV Andrey one of the riders with whom he competed was who led the ranking both days, accompanied on the podium by Chaminade Tanguy (FRA), Zweifel Gabriel (SUI) on the first day and Lubasch Nicola (SUI), Wabnigg Mario (AUT) on the second day.

With more than 30 riders in the FIS category, the 16-year-old Peruvian ranked 29th on the first day and 31st on the second day.

The event held in Flumserberg, was thanks to the team Base – Boarding Association Switzerland together with the Swiss Snowboard-Swiss-Ski with the organizers of Audi Snowboard Series and Giant X Tour.

We thank the team Berner Snowboardverband BABEwho supported us in the technical part a week before the event with the training of Jhonny in Grindenwald.

120 sportsmen participated in the event between the categories, Kids, Junior and Elite in the disciplines of snowboarding and skiing.

Picture: Alessia Wehrli


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