The last 22nd and 23rd of July, the 4th Paracurú Sandboarding Cup was held in Brazil with the participation of the top athletes of this country, most of whom are from the Northeast.

The event was internationalized, thanks to the presence of the Swiss riders Olivier Schüttel, who was considered among the best athletes in the world in the Sandboard World Cup 2017 held in June in Peru.

The IV Copa Paracurú was organized by the Sandboarding Association of Paracurú with the sponsor of AIA Sandboard and the support of InterSands. Also the support of different local companies like Paracuru Kite Village, Xerox Avenida,Santiago Paracurú, Panificadora Pao & Compañia.

Now all the athletes are waiting for the SAND FERIAS SABIAGUABA, where will be again together for this sandboarding event.

Foto: Hudson Santos.