Goverment of Chile give a initiative to expand the sport through the sandboarding.

Last June, Omar Martínez (InterSands Collaborator) received pleasant news regarding a project presented to the Regional Government of his hometown of Antofagasta (GORE) to receive the necessary support and continue to promote sandboarding in his region, this news Happened after the event called “Antofagasta”, organized by INTERSANDS in collaboration with the Club Deportivo Desierto Mistico, in which Omar Martínez presides.

How did you start the idea of ​​promoting sandboarding in Antofagasta?

Seeing us that we were very few riders in Antofagasta and few people, I came up with the idea of ​​promoting sandboarding both for sports and tourism to live and stay in this beautiful world that is the sport.

Who are the people who are active in promoting this sport in your city and who have helped this promotion?

The active people who support me in my initiatives, first is Marco Berrios Salas, a great support for this to go forward just like his family, likewise Ismael Jachura, Rider Pro of Antofagasta. Hugo Martinez my father who is a fundamental pillar for me and my mother Eilleen Ibarbe, that without her none of this would be possible, and I can not leave out my riders promises of this sport that went to one of my classes and never stopped Go to the dune and have advanced a lot, Sebastian Perez, Arturo Angulo and Rodrigo Vásquez.

Tell us about the GORE Project that you have won for government support?

It is a project based on Sports and Recreation that can be applied every year, for the categories of:
Training, Championships, World Championships, Recreational Activities, among others, all focused on Chile’s poor population in conjunction with the Regional Council and Regional Government (Core, Gore).

What is the goal of the sandboarding project with GORE?

The main objectives: To promote sport in youth and at the same time to sandboarding, giving them values ​​for the future, training them for future national and world competitions, rescuing children of limited resources to enter a sporting activity.

Was the process difficult to gain support from the Gore since sandboarding is not as well known as surfing, soccer or other sport?

Thanks to the support of InterSands (International Sandboarding and Sandski Association), we were able to learn to manage projects to obtain resources and to make known this sport in a professional way in parallel with the recreational way. Having the ideas clear and focused on the objectives, only needed to put it in the paper in order and at the first attempt we were within the beneficiaries.

Claro is a difficult job but not impossible, when things are done with love thinking about improving the city and being able to support children by teaching them what one loves most in life in part, it is an incredible experience, a dream that is about to materialize.

What kind of support and / or advice did you receive from the InterSands organization?

I am very grateful to my friend Martin Guerra H., responsible for directing with his experience, Intersands development projects in different countries; It’s me who blends and advises me on the sport of sandboarding, something that not many people usually do, for that very reason we thank them for the great unconditional support when I have asked for it; We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming sandboarding event.

What would you say to the sandboarding associations and / or groups of friends who want to start a project like yours?

To continue with their projects, sandboarding is a sport that can work and promote the world as few people take advantage of those natural wonders made of sand that are dunes; With clear ideas and good vibes, everything is possible, and anything we can help them, do not doubt that our support will always be.