The organization has the following objetives:

Short-term (2014):

1. Promote the practice of sandskiing and sandboarding in terms of sport in South America  and worldwide.

2. Encourage the foundation of sandboarding and sandskiing schools and supplying them with sports equipment.

3. Promote and support events aiming to develop the sport and guaranteeing the participation of future generations in their categories.

4. Encourage the mission of organizing, participating and undertaking journeys to promotesports activities in Europe and South America.

5. Promote the participation of new members wishing to join the organization.

Medium-term (2015 – 2016):

1. Promote the Sandboard World Cup, through various international events organized and/

or supported by our organization (the event will be hosted every 2 years).

2. Create volunteer programs to fulfill the mission of the organization in all aspects and

facilitate educational programs for athletes and children through the help of volunteers.

3. Always pursue the fulfillment of the mission of the organization and encourage the sport in

all places with sand dunes, which our principal members of sand and snow visit during

their travels year by year.

4. Promote the formality and trustworthiness of sports associations all participating countries.

5. Encourage the creation of sand parks in each city of the countries where we perform our



1. Completely fuse the SandSnow tendency by promoting and performing parallel events of sand and snow, (Sandboarding, Snowboarding,Sandski and Ski).

2. Promote and support sand athletes to get started in the snow.

3. Boost educational activities to help improve the conditions and capacities of children and young athletes.

4. In accordance with the support received, the organization will assess the means to subsidize those athletes who achieve social and athletic impact through their professional work with the sport.